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Spring H2o

Spring H2o Beanie

Spring H2o Beanie

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Listen up, folks! If you're still walking around with a regular old noggin and haven't upgraded to the latest in hydration fashion, then you're seriously behind the times. Imagine this: it's winter, it's chilly, and your brain is shivering like a penguin in a snowstorm. But fear not! Introducing the Spring H20 Beanie – yes, you heard that right. It's not just any beanie; it's the ultimate cranial spa day. This beanie doesn't just sit there looking cute on your head; oh no, it's on a mission. It's got a secret compartment where you can stash water, and with a single twist, voilà – your head is now a bubbling, gurgling oasis of hydration. It's like having a personal fountain on your noggin, turning you into a walking, talking water feature. So, don't be caught with a dry, uninspired cranium – get your head into a Spring H20 Beanie and let the moisture-filled madness begin! Your brain will thank you, and who knows, you might just become the envy of all those parched cerebrums out there.
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Ballarat Bottled Water

Spring H2O is a Ballarat-based family owned and operated company. We supply domestic and commercial customers with great tasting natural spring water, along with water coolers, filtration systems, water crocks and water bottles. We can even produce custom water bottles with your name or company logo.

  • Free Shipping

    At Spring H2O we do not charge fees or surcharges for delivery, you receive our premium delivery service at home or the office absolutely free in our servicable area.

  • Sustainable Water

    With our 11 & 15 litre bottles there is no waste, We will deliver it to you, you drink it and then it will be refilled for the run. No wastage!!