Our Water

Spring H2O's water is sourced from the Black Mount area just outside Ballarat, where an extinct volcano is located. Our water is highly regarded for its crisp and pure taste, which is a result of years of natural filtration through basalt and scoria rocks.

This process creates an optimal balance of minerals, resulting in a refreshing and clean flavour profile. The TDS level of our water is at the optimum level of 300.


Typical Analysis 

Silica 57
Bicarbonates 158
Chloride 27
Sodium  24
Magnesium 15
Calcium  12
Potassium  5

To ensure our quality is at its highest always we have undergone the following accreditation and implemented both internal and external testing procedures.

Spring H2O Accreditation:

  • HACCP Certified –annual inspection by independent auditor
  • City of Ballarat Registered – annual inspection by City of Ballarat
  • Victorian Food Act 1984 compliant​

Spring H2O Laboratory Testing

As per Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) we are required to test and monitor for E.Coli and Coliforms. As an extra precaution and to monitor the health of our system we also test our Heterotrophic plate count.

  • Daily/weekly internal batch testing and monitoring
  • Monthly external verification testing (NATA registered laboratory)
  • Annual and four yearly mineral and chemical analysis (NATA registered laboratory)