Our hot water filters and dispensers the ideal winter warmer for Sunbury businesses

Let's not kid ourselves, it gets seriously cold in most parts on Victoria during the winter months. The kettle goes into overdrive as we say "yes" more often to "do you want a cuppa...?" Read on, Spring H2O has great news for you about our water filters for Sunbury businesses...

Don't burn your coffee

Okay, you are rubbing your hands together to get them warm, and so looking forward to that cuppa. But did you know that using boiling water to make that cup of coffee is really giving you a far from perfect result? Why? Because boiling water actually burns the coffee. Think about it, you can sniff that slightly burnt smell when the water hits the granules. The best way to make a great coffee is to use water that is HOT but just below boiling point.

A filter system that gives you hot water

Spring H20 Water Filters can give you just that. When we think of filtered water, we generally just assume it refers to cold, or cool, drinking water. But a mains connected water filter can provide hot water, on demand, at the press of a button. Fresh, pure, filtered water - cold, cool, OR hot - all year round. Spring H20 can hook up a prime quality water cooler system to your property's current water supply and install a purification water filter to suit.

We know water

We know Sunbury and we know its water. So we can advise on the best filter and dispenser system to suit your requirements. And we'll install it free of charge by a qualified plumber. Plus we are on hand to monitor and service your unit all year round. You'll get great service and advice from a 100% Australian-owned locally based company.

Winter? Done and dusted

So, if you want a really healthy solution for your family's drinking needs, what could be better than pure, filtered, clear, clean, better-tasting, better smelling, impurity-free water, on tap 24/7. And what a great way to ward off those dark, winter chills in Sunbury by having hot filtered water - REALLY hot water - available at a moment's notice, to make that perfect cuppa. Contact Spring H20 before winter comes knocking.